Possible Darkstalkers Comeback In Arcade Collection Teased By Capcom

We adore retro fighter, and want nothing more than to see a Darkstalkers comeback on modern consoles, so we’ve been made insufferably excited by the fact that both Capcom US and Capcom UK have teased something new with an implied retro focus will be revealed tomorrow featuring the title.


The Capcom US Facebook page and Capcom UK Twitter account both shared a video titled, “Here comes a new challenger”, features a slew of games being played, with the gameplay being reflected off some very shiny and pristine arcade or controller buttons. These games include Darkstalkers and Street Fighter II in these reflections among others.



Given the overall set up of the video, it points to the possibility of a new collection of retro arcade games, which we would love especially for Darkstalkers (no one needs Street Fighter II again, surely?). However, this could even be a Capcom mini console featuring classic arcade games and, given their library of titles, Capcom would have a lot of source material to draw on.


This might be a good time to strike with such a project, with Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles being positively received, and Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis Mini launching on September 19th this year. They should just aim to steer clear of the diabolical mistreatment of IP that was the Sony’s attempt with the Playstation Classic.




The reveal is scheduled for tomorrow, April 16th 2019, at 7AM PT/ 10AM ET/ 3PM GMT/ 4PM CET. Make sure you let us know what you think of the reveal, and if you want a Darkstalkers comeback we’ll definitely be reporting on it, so check back for that and other coverage of Japanese titles.

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