PQube Announce Don’t Disturb Release Date & Official Trailer

PQube have announced a Don’t Disturb release date, one of their newest games which was just recently Greenlit on Steam. Don’t Disturb, a visually impressive adventure game from Taiwanese developers Midnight Party, will release on Steam 30th August 2016.



Don’t Disturb joins Hunger Dungeon as PQube’s first Steam titles, both indie games from Taiwenese developers (Hunger Dungeon deveoped by BuKa Game Studio). Don’t Disturb is the first video game from Midnight Party, and looks very impressive.


PQube Announce Don't Disturb Release Date & Official Trailer 1


The story follows a dog who follows its dead master to the underworld. The player needs to solve puzzles to progress through the underworld to try to locate its master, and along the way explores some beautiful environments and learns about the underworld.


The puzzles mostly seem to be the type you would expect in traditional point and click adventures, with nothing we’ve seen so far looking too complicated.


PQube Announce Don't Disturb Release Date & Official Trailer 2


Don’t Disturb releases on Steam on 30th August 2016!

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