PQube Confirms BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend Europe Release

Yesterday three posts surfaced online suggesting there could be a big announcement about BlazBlue in Europe. Not only did post go out on the Official BlazBlue Facebook page and Official BlazBlue Europe Twitter, but PQube Head of Marketing Geraint Evans also posted a cryptic tweet…








We phoned Geraint Evans of PQube to ask for comment, and asked him the following questions:


Rice Digital: Do these social media posts mean that BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend is coming out in Europe?

Geraint Evans: Uh, yes. Yes it will.


RD: Will this be download only, or will be getting a physical release?

GE: I’d like to do a physical release, yes.


RD: Are you going to do a Limited Edition?

GE: We’re kind of planning it now. We really want to do something cool because it’s been a  while for BlazBlue in Europe. We’re going to try to do something nice.


RD: When do you plan to release the game?

GE: To be honest it’s still early days. I can’t talk much about it right now, but we’re planning to do a proper announcement in the coming weeks.


He was then heard to open up a packet of crisps


RD: Can I ask what crisps you’re about to eat?

GE: Walker’s Sensations Thai Sweet Chili.


RD: That’s an expensive crisp.




RD: Well, bye then.




You heard it hear first. BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend Europe is actually going to be a thing! Given that Mr. Evans has spoken out against digital only releases before with Steins;Gate, it seems very likely that BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend will release physically and be given a similar sort of Limited Edition treatment.


Of course, we will be selling it in our store — and we’ll more than likely have some kind of fancy edition to buy! Stay tuned and keep up to date with our mailing list and social media to be the first to find out about new details!



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