Pre-orders open for latest Pin Box Falcom merch

Pin Box has opened pre-orders for new Falcom pins and shirts until November 2, including the previously announced Ys IX pin set.

This latest selection features pins of Ys IX’s playable cast in their Monstrum forms, available separately or as part of a discounted bundle. These are now estimated to ship during February 2022.

Three shirts are also on open pre-order, featuring the modern Falcom logo, the Ys logo, and Ys I & II’s twin goddesses Reah and Feena. They’ll arrive earlier than the pins, with an estimated December 2021 release window.

Pin Box Twin Godesses shirt

Currently, Pin Box still has three pins in development. Two are Trails’ Rixia Mao and Randy Orlando, along with a third unrevealed pin.

With how rare Falcom merch is in the west, its worth checking out both these new products and Pin Box’s existing releases (though you can’t pick up the anniversary shirts any more). Despite the main focus being pins, we can confirm that their shirts are also high quality!

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