4 Pretty Girls games getting a physical release with exclusive nude content on Switch

Eastasiasoft and frequent collaborators Funbox Media have announced that the Pretty Girls Game Collection is now available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Featuring four of Zoo Corporation’s lewd casual games in one package, the Pretty Girls Game Collection should be an essential purchase for anyone who wants to support adult gaming on today’s consoles — particularly on Nintendo Switch, as that version includes exclusive nude content that was not available in the original digital releases of the games.

The Pretty Girls Game Collection includes four games, all of which we’ve previously covered here on Rice Digital. There’s the original Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire and its follow-up Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire, plus Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire and the Gals Panic/Qix-alike Pretty Girls Panic!

Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire
Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire

Between these titles, there’s plenty of casual fun to be had, and they’re particularly ideal for handheld play on the Nintendo Switch. To that end, the Nintendo Switch version of the Pretty Girls Game Collection comes with a branded capacitive stylus, allowing you to enjoy the touchscreen controls of the games without getting your Switch all smudgy with sticky fingers.

For those wondering how on Earth Funbox Media and eastasiasoft manage to keep getting completely nudey adult games games on Nintendo Switch seemingly against all odds, it’s all a matter of ratings.

“The Pretty Girls games are among the most popular in our entire line-up,” explained eastasiasoft’s project lead Joshua Michael French. “Getting them collected physically was very important to us, but beyond that, we also saw a rare opportunity to push boundaries on Japanese-made mature content. Ordinarily you can’t show bare nipples or genitalia in CERO-rated games, for instance, but it’s possible under PEGI. That’s part of what makes working with Funbox Media so special. It opens some interesting doors.”

Pretty Girls Panic
Pretty Girls Panic

PEGI, for our international readers, is the European games rating board, and since Funbox Media is a UK-based company, they’re under PEGI’s jurisdiction rather than America’s ESRB or Japan’s CERO. Interestingly, the Pretty Girls Game Collection is only listed with a PEGI 16 rating despite featuring full nudity on the Switch version — presumably only more obviously sexual activity would warrant an 18 rating. One can only wonder exactly where the line is drawn at this point — and, indeed, if, as so often appears to be the case, the rules are different for anime-style games and western titles with more realistic visuals.

Funbox Media’s previous collaborations with eastasiasoft have included the excellent Waifu Uncovered, its even better sequel Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy, dumb as a bag of hammers but charming third-person shooter Hentai vs. Evil, the delightful puzzler Crawlco Block Knockers plus Zoo Corporation’s Bishoujo Battle Cyber Panic and Bishoujo Battle Mahjong Solitaire in a double pack. All of these games were mildly lewd in their original digital console releases, but the Funbox Media physical versions for Nintendo Switch feature full uncensored nudity not found in the downloadable versions.

Most of these are still available — if you fancy some lewd gaming right now, grab yourself a copy of Waifu Uncovered, Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy, Hentai vs. Evil, Crawlco Block Knockers and/or Bishoujo Battle: Double Strike! by clicking on the relevant links we’ve helpfully provided right here. And check out the rest of Funbox Media’s catalogue while you’re there — they’ve also got a great selection of non-lewd indie games in physical form too, as well as acting as a distributor for some more well-known titles.

And if you’d like to add the Pretty Girls Game Collection to your library of physical Switch games, you can pre-order it here ahead of the August 5, 2022 release date. You can also get it on PS4 sans nudey content, but let’s be honest here, you’re all going to grab the Switch version, aren’t you?

Oh, and if you’re new to all this Pretty Girls stuff — get yourself caught up in our ongoing special feature on the series!

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