How to make quick progress in Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is an interesting entry into the flooded gacha game market — and being from Cygames, makers of Granblue Fantasy, it’s likely to stick around for a while. If you’re a seasoned gacha veteran, you’re likely very comfortable with what it offers — but if you’re a newbie you may be feeling a bit lost right about now. So here’s some tips to get you up and running!

Don’t forget your daily bonus

Princess Connect! Re: Dive daily bonus

Like most mobile games, Princess Connect! Re: Dive offers an incentive to log in every day. This varies from day to day, but is pretty much always useful — whether it’s the jewels you need to draw from the gacha, or resources you can use elsewhere in the game.

Even if you’re not planning on playing a lot that day, it’s worth at least logging in to pick up the bonus. That way when you do have time to sit down and play a bit more seriously, you’ll have more stuff to make use of!

Do those daily missions

Princess Connect! Re: Dive daily missions

If you do have time to play, you should make clearing out Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s daily missions a priority. These reset every day and are a great way to earn player experience — which, in turn, can raise the level cap of your girls — and also obtain a variety of other rewards, too, including additional stamina to run quests, jewels or mana used for character growth.

Do the normal gacha for free stuff

Princess Connect! Re: Dive normal gacha

Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s gacha isn’t just for spending your jewels on — you can draw from the Normal Gacha twice per day in order to receive equipment to power up characters. You can also get Memory Shards, which are used (in large quantities) to increase characters’ star levels and increase their potential significantly.

Remember to watch character stories

Princess Connect! Re: Dive character stories

While Princess Connect! Re: Dive as a whole is designed with a pretty hard divide between narrative and gameplay, at the very least you should set aside some time to watch the character bond scenes, even if you have little intention of engaging with too much of the story.

Not only do you get jewels for watching them for the first time, but chapters after the first provide significant stat increases to the girl in question! And remember to keep using your favourite girls in battle — bond level only increases when they play an active role in your party.

Upgrade your characters regularly

Princess Connect! Re: Dive character progression

It’s easy to forget to do, but remember to stop by Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s Characters screen on a regular basis to give equipment to your characters, level them up, power up their skills, rank them up and, if you have enough Memory Shards, ascend them to the next star level. Don’t bother with Refining equipment until you’ve ranked your characters up a few times.

Hitting the Optimise button will do all the hard work for you by filling any equipment slots you have the parts for, using EXP potions to level the character up to the current cap and powering up their skills to the cap. Obviously you need enough stuff on hand to be able to do this, so use with care; prioritise the characters you’re using most frequently, but it’s worth keeping your whole squad levelled for bigger challenges like the Dungeon mode.

Go on a gear hunt

Princess Connect! Re: Dive equipment

Optimise will only get you so far, however. At some point you’ll find you need some equipment you don’t have. If the word “Obtainable” appears over a piece of equipment, it means you don’t have it right now, but you have access to a stage where you can find it.

Press the “How to obtain” button for a quick and handy link to the appropriate stages; from there you can either run the battles normally or use Skip tickets to immediately get the experience and a random selection of the available loot for that stage.

Make good use of the Guildhouse

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Guildhouse

If you haven’t yet unlocked Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s Guildhouse, make it a priority to progress through the Main quests until you do. Once you do, several items of furniture will gradually produce stamina, EXP potions, mana and skip tickets for you over time. Check in on your Guildhouse every six hours or so to claim these goodies.

If you have the Rupies to spare, be sure to upgrade your items of furniture for greater output, or simply buy some more furniture to decorate your Guildhouse. Other players might stop by; if they leave you a Like you get a small amount of Rupies. Take some time to do the same for them!

Grind in the Grotto

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Grotto

Again, if you don’t have access to the Grotto, advance through the Main quests until you do. Then make good use of it to get a solid income of EXP potions and mana. You’ll likely be drowning in mana in the early game, but the further your progress, the more you’ll need.

EXP potions, meanwhile, are always useful — especially if you want to catch the rest of your squad up to your “main” party, or perhaps if you want to immediately start making use of a shiny new girl you drew from the gacha.

Play Hard mode for Memory Shards

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Hard mode

You don’t have to play all the way through Princess Connect! Re: Dive’s story to unlock Hard mode; in fact, it unlocks relatively early, and you should make good use of it. Clear what stages you can, and prioritise those that offer Memory Shards for your favourite characters, since with enough of these you’ll be able to upgrade their star ratings and make them considerably more powerful.

Note that there’s a limit to how many times you can attempt each Hard mode stage per day; you can replenish this once per day using jewels if you have some to spare, but there are generally better things to spend your jewels on — like the gacha. Be patient!

Don’t forget to spend your Divine Amulets

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Divine Amulets

You gain Divine Amulets any time you draw a duplicate character in the gacha, and these can be spent in the shop accessible from the main menu to purchase Memory Shards for specific characters. Note that they get more expensive the more you buy — but combining prudent Divine Amulet spending with some Hard mode runs can get some characters ascended fairly quickly.

Do you have any good tips to share? Let us know in the comments, or via all the usual social channels below!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is available now for iOS and Android.

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