Princess Maker 2 Hitting Steam This October

Princess Maker is one of those unique franchises that somehow never made it to western shores. It might be because of the potentially risqué set up, or just the fact that dating sims never hit off in the west, but that is about to change.



Originally released in 1996, Princess Maker 2 was as close to an English release this series ever came with a leaked English translation. This is about to be fixed with Princess Maker 2 Refine, a Steam version of this popular franchise.



The Refine edition brings a large number of improvements. The game is no longer constrained to a 16 color pallet of the original, but now has a full gamut of colors. All the characters are now fully voiced, something not exactly possible at the time. And like always, you can expect Steam Achievements and Trading Cards for this remastered classic.


Princess Maker tasks you with raising a young girl from her 10th to 18th birthday. The game plays like your typical time management sim, where you have to carefully plan your daughter’s education, part time work and even combat training in these 8 short years. The game has an absurd 74 endings, where the young girl can grow to be a ruling queen, magical girl and even bondage queen if you aren’t careful.




CFK and Gainax, who are behind the project, also plan on bringing the rest of the refined series to Steam in the future.


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