Princess Maker 2 Regeneration PlayStation version delayed due to content changes

Developer Bliss Brain has announced that the PS4 and PS5 version of raising sim Princess Maker 2 Regeneration will be delayed for around a month due to the platform requiring certain changes.

Originally intended to release on July 11, 2024 alongside the PC and Switch versions, PlayStation fans will now have to wait until August 8.

It seems like the changes are needed to, in Bliss Brain’s words, “comply with ethical standards.” What this means in practice is that only a couple of things have been edited:

  • The removal of items that increase the daughter’s bust size
  • The removal of the endings “Marriage with Father” and “Marriage with Butler”

These changes only apply to the PS4 and PS5 releases, with all other versions remaining unchanged. This isn’t an uncommon thing nowadays, with games like Mary Skelter 2 and Omega Labyrinth Life having to receive cuts before reaching PlayStation platforms.

Outside of any edits, all versions of the game feature new redone spritework and CGs compared to the previous “Refine” version.

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