Project GG Revealed By Platinum Games

 Project GG Revealed By Platinum Games

Platinum Games have revealed via Famitsu that their next title is currently named ‘Project GG’. The game will be directed by Hideki Kamiya which is all the marketing this game needs in my opinion. Project GG will be an entirely new IP and it’s coming to all platforms.


The actual content of the game remains a mystery, but Kamiya (Bayonetta, The Wonderful 1010) revealed that the game is something Platinum haven’t tried before, and that “If Viewtiful Joe is like a Kamen Rider transformation, if Wonderful 101 is a squadron,  Project GG is like a huge hero.” From the trailer we know it’s similar to Ultraman and features Kaiju so I’m on board immediately.


kamiya project gg


It turns out Tencent did offer to publish the game for Platinum, but they refused in order to self-publish so they could keep hold of the IP. There are currently 15 people working on the title but the plan is to scale that right up to around 100 people in a new Tokyo studio, so this does seem like a big game for Platinum. Kamiya also revealed that he plans for the game to come to all available platforms, I assume that includes next-gen as it’s likely those consoles will be out when this game comes around.


Catch the teaser trailer here:



This is the second of four announcements in the Platinum4 project.


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