Project Nimbus Revives the Fast-Paced Action Mecha Genre

There has been a lack of fast-paced mecha action games on the market for quite some time. Project Nimbus is here to fill that void with everything you could have ever wished for and more.




It’s a dream come true for everyone who has been waiting for a blazing fast mecha game since Zone of the Enders 3 was cancelled years ago. You will pilot Battle Frames, giant humanoid battle suits armed to the teeth. You can freely soar through the sky gunning down your opposition while dodging incoming lasers, missiles and machine gun fire. At times the game can almost feel like a mix of Ace Combat and Zone of the Enders.



The game was made using the Unreal Development Kit. And while its visuals may look dated, the scale, speed and sheer number of things happening on screen make this game look absolutely fantastic in motion.



Project Nimbus is already available on Steam Early Access for 11,24€, discounted 25% from the original price of 14,99€ until April 25th.


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