Project Rap Rabbit Gameplay Prototype Video Revealed

During a livestream last night NanaOn-Sha and iNiS J revealed a Project Rap Rabbit gameplay prototype video. It runs through how a rap battle exchange will work, though it is just a work in progress. It plays pretty much how it was explained in the Kickstarter, but it’s great to see in action. Take a look!


You can still back Project Rap Rabbit on Kickstarter here!



It’s really nice to see how the game will work visually, and it looks to be just as cool a concept as we thought it would be. Obviously it’s only a small look, but it really makes us want to see a full game!




Even though the video is very much a work in progress prototype, it’s still impressive. In the disclaimer it says that Keiichi is not a rapper but a game developer — but we have to say he can really spit some bars. Voicing both the snake and Toto-maru, he’s got some range too! His voice especially seemed to suit Toto-maru.





You can see the gameplay at work, all the way to picking out keywords and choosing a response. It all looks pretty good, and like it will play how they said it would.




As well as Keiichi, the developers also wanted to point out that the song is WIP, and that the final game will be 3D.


Project Rap Rabbit still has a way to go with only 10 days left, so if you want to see it happen, make sure you back it!


Project Rap Rabbit will be releasing in 2018 if it’s funded, on PlayStation 4 and PC, with other consoles as potential stretch goals.

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