Project Sonic 2017 announced by Sega

A new Sonic project currently going by the name ‘Project Sonic 2017′ was revealed by Sega last night during the series’ 25th anniversary event.
The project, which has a trailer below, shows both past and present Sonic (well, pre-Boom Sonic) as they appeared in Generations. This is also from the same team who created Sonic Generations and Sonic Colours, which many fans agree are the best 3D games in the series. The trailer has an apocalyptic feel and shows Eggman’s robots ravaging the world as the two Sonic’s fight to save it. It seems to not be Generations 2, but we’re sure to hear more soon!

I’m personally excited for both of the Sonic titles that were revealed last night, and it seems like Sega could be bringing Sonic back as an immense force to be reckoned with after some poorer recent titles – it’s clear they’ve listened to fans, and I’m already anticipating their releases next year.

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