PS5 September system update finally adds SSD storage expansion

The second major PS5 system software update will arrive on September 15, 2021, Sony announced today.

This update will finally allow all users to add additional SSD storage to the PS5 — the feature has been available via beta firmware for just over a month now. It’s something that really should have been available from the start, especially with how meagre the default storage is in comparison to the size of digital games.

Of course, you’ll need an M.2 SSD that’s fast enough, plus a heat sink to help with cooling. A short installation video has been released by Sony to guide users through installing additional storage. It’s not an overly complicated procedure, though you will have to open the console up.

Aside from storage expansion, the update brings UX enhancements (including being able to view and write messages via the Game Base), and trophy tracking in the Control Center.

Consoles launching without basic features isn’t a new trend, and it’ll probably stay this way for future generations too. Hopefully PS5 owners will at least get folders and themes soon, unlike the what happened with the Switch…

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