Purrfectly Ever After Kickstarter Reaches $6400 of $9700 Goal

You know we love Otome over here at Rice Digital (along with everything else Japanese)! We’ve seen many great Kickstarters and Indie GoGo campaigns give doujin games the kick they need to really get noticed. Purrfectly Ever After is the latest game to follow that path, an iOS/Mac/Android/PC otome visual novel / romance sim. Funding is looking good, with $6400 of the $9700 target raised with 10 days to go!


You can Kickstart the project yourself here.


And also vote for it on Steam Greenlight here.




Purrfectly Ever After is an original English language visual novel (OELVN) for girls. This dating sim is filled with side-splitting comedy, over-the-top drama, and of course, heart-melting romance. This first game from Weeev aims to bridge the gap between Japanese-centric otome games told in a not-so-Japanese point of view and storyline.




Purrfectly Ever After focuses on a food-loving burglar cat who gets herself into a series of unfortunate events which ended up feeling sorry for herself. Luckily for her, she also encounters kind strangers who rescue her along the way. She wished that she could become a human so that she could earn food honestly. Her wish is overheard by a fairy godfather she didn’t even know she had. And so begins her story.

There are 5 romance-able characters that you can start your story from and each of them has 2 branches of ending, Romance and Destiny. If the hidden character milestone is achieved, an additional character route will be added into the game, totalling to 6 characters.




– 5 characters to romance
– 10 possible endings; split into Romance and Destiny endings
– High replay value
– Japanese voice acting
– Available in English and Japanese (日本語)
– Episodic content
– Available for iOS and Android, Windows and Mac if Greenlit



You can already register to demo the game on iOS via TestFlight here.


The KickStarter campaign still has a while to go, but when you look at it another way 10 days also isn’t that much time. If you want to support the game’s release, then don’t waste any time getting your pledges in!


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