Which video game pervert are you? [Quiz]

Chances are, if you’re already familiar with Rice Digital, you’re a bit of a pervert. Let’s not beat around the bush here, are you really going to deny your creepy desires whilst browsing the internet? We’re all friends. Let loose. Go ahead…indulge yourself in gauging just how much of a sexual deviant you really are.



*Top tip* This quiz is much more fun if someone is watching over your shoulder, perhaps a stranger on the bus…or your dear grandmother, for example…


[WpProQuiz 3]


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Now that you know how much of a pervert you are, why not take a look at our Top 10 sexy games for perverts list? It even includes a perv-o-meter that required ILJG to play EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PERVY GAMES in just one weekend. Brilliant.


Why not pick up a pervy game? Rice Digital suggests Senran Kagura: BURST. Okay…it’s not THAT pervy…but we’ve got to try to make you buy something. (Akiba’s Trip is good too!)

senran-kagura-burst-pack-shot-320x320 for pervert quiz



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