Raiden V coming to Europe on May 11th!

 Raiden V coming to Europe on May 11th!

The classic Raiden franchise is back with Raiden V. While the game launched in Japan on February 25th its worldwide release for the Xbox One is set to May 11th. The game will be simultaneously released in Europe, North America and Asia.



The Raiden series is a shoot-’em-up classic, released in the golden age of the age of the genre back in the 90s. What is unique about Raiden V is its new Cheer System. It gives you the ability to help out other people by increasing their special attack gauges and scores, which sounds like an interesting feature for a shoot-em-up.



This coupled with HD graphics and total of eight stages should prove to be quite a bit of fun for shoot-em-up enthusiasts. We can only hope that Raiden V releases on Steam and PS4 sooner rather than later.


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