Reco Love Demo Now Available in Japan

 Reco Love Demo Now Available in Japan

In advance of the release of Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach tomorrow, the Reco Love demo is now available in Japan on the PlayStation Store. The demo is for Blue Ocean only. The gym costume DLC has also been delayed to October 31st.



At 1.6 GB, it’s pretty big for just a demo, but this is likely due to the high amount of audio content. The demo allows you to pursue one of the girls to Love Level 2, in a week of in-game time. The final day of the demo lets you save your data so you can carry it over to the full version of the game, should you choose to go for Blue Ocean.


Reco Love demo released

It’s definitely interesting that the demo is for Blue Ocean only. This is probably due to the higher amount of pre-orders for Gold Beach.


Both Blue Ocean and Gold Beach release for the PS Vita in Japan on 20th October.

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