Reco Love Demo Releases in October in Japan

A Reco Love demo has been announced for release in October in Japan. This should give players a chance to get to know both versions of the game – Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach – and decide on a favourite just before their release on October 20th. Take a look at the characters and gameplay below:



The two versions of the game share a setting and characters, but will have different story and heroine events, so they function as a set of games. Reco Love is a love simulator, set at the beachside school, Mitsumi Academy. You can form bonds with the various girls before confessing your love to your chosen heroine at the Mitsumi Festival on the final day of summer camp.


As expected of the producer of Photo Kano, there’s a strong emphasis on photography in the game, allowing you to take photos of the different girls. In addition to this, the newly developed ‘Reco Session’ feature now allows you to shoot short videos as well. These features are integrated with the Vita’s sensors and camera capabilities, so the console becomes the digital camera itself, which is a really cool concept.


Reco Love

The beach backdrops are lovely, and the character designs look very pretty. There are different outfits you can photograph the girls in too, including swimsuits, of course! All in all, it looks like a neat little title. I’m interested to see more of how it plays when it releases.


There isn’t currently an official date for the Reco Love demo, but the games are due to release in full on October 20th in Japan for the PS Vita.

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