Resi Village art director reveals what we’ve all been waiting for: Lady Dimitrescu’s height

There’s been one thing on the mind of many gamers that saw the latest reveal trailer for Resident Evil Village: just how tall IS Lady Dimitrescu?

Well, art director Tomonori Takano has delivered the goods, releasing a statement detailing her exact height, along with his thanks for the positivity from fans towards recent Resi announcements.

At 2.9m (~9’6″), Lady Dimitrescu towers over many of the series’s iconic villains, though this measurement does include her hat and high heels.

Takano is also grateful for the attention that both Village’s tall lady and her daughters have received, stating that it was “far more than [the team] anticipated”.

Whether you want to see more of Lady Dimitrescu, or are just looking forward to another first person Resident Evil game, you’ll be able to pick up Resident Evil Village on May 7 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam.

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