Resident Evil 2 Remake Typewriter Keyboard is So Cool

We’re all excited for the game, but how many of us will consider picking up the replica Resident Evil 2 Remake typewriter for a stunning 75,000 yen? This equates to roughly £530/€600/$700. The typewriter is exclusive to Japan, and it’s Lexington-branded, and bluetooth wireless, and it looks pretty slick.


You can get the typewriter separately, or in a bundle with the game and a replica ink ribbon which contains masking tape. Only the most hardcore of fans will go for this, but it’ll look lovely in a glass cabinet.


resident evil 2 remake typewriter


Resident Evil 2 Remake releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC worldwide come 25th January. It’ll still be Winter, so there will be plenty of dark nights to warm up and scare yourself in. At least it isn’t releasing in the last busy quarter of 2018!


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