Resident Evil 2: The Board Game Now On Kickstarter

While we are still patiently awaiting the remake of the legendary Resident Evil 2, Capcom has teamed up with Steamforged Games Ltd in order to bring us Resident Evil 2 The Board Game. The game is currently on Kickstarter and has managed to achieve its £150,000 goal in less than an hour.




Surprisingly there are only two pledge tiers of which the cheapest is already sold out. They do, however, offer additional content by increasing your pledge. These include things such as the old school retro pack, Malformations of G and Giant Alligator models.


Resident Evil 2 The Board Game Kickstarter - Player Models


If anyone can make a competent board game version of this iconic survival horror, Steamforged Games can. They have already released Dark Souls: The Board Game and are now working on a Dark Souls card game.


Resident Evil 2 The Board Game Kickstarter - Monster Models


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