Re:Zero Enters The Realm of VR

Re:Zero, a popular light novel series and one of the more memorable anime of last year, has decided to jump onto the VR bandwagon. Made by the VR mobile developer Gungenka, Re:Zero – Life is a Different World by VR – promises to drop fans into this fantasy world, hopefully this time with much less pain and suffering.


You will be able to lay on the lap of everyone’s favorite heroine Rem, as well as share the same bed with them. This isn’t all though, as there will be a number of conversations and events.



Re:Zero – Life is a Different World by VR – will be a smartphone game for Android and iOS. The app will come in two flavors, resting your head on their lap and sharing the bed, each priced at 960 yen. It will launch in Japan on May 26th.

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