Rice Digital exclusive Root Film Limited Edition revealed

 Rice Digital exclusive Root Film Limited Edition revealed

We’ve got another treat for you today – especially those who love to collect limited edition releases – this time, it’s a Root Film Limited edition with an exclusive 100-page art book!

The limited edition is available on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and is exclusive to us at Rice Digital, and you can pre-order on our sister site, Funstock now!

Root Film is the followup to the popular Root Letter series, and promises more intrigue and mystery, as well as beautiful visuals (which the art book shows off perfectly)!

PQube have revealed that the game is due in Q1 of 2021, so there’s not too long to wait, considering how fast this year is flying by!

The art book features a curated blend of environmental scenery, detailed character illustrations and more!

Check out the Root Film trailer:

A description from PQube:

Root Film is about a TV series, called “Shimane Mystery Drama Project”, which was cancelled for an unknown reason 10 years ago. To reboot the project, three teams consisting of a director and an actress have been cast, including 23 year old Rintaro Yagumo, the main character of this story.

His excitement about this amazing opportunity is quickly curbed, when a horrible murder interrupts their location scouting process. Follow him and a cast of unique and memorable characters as they are drawn deeper into the thrilling mystery of Root Film.

You can pre-order the Root Film Limited Edition for PS4 here and Switch here!

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