Test your knowledge with the all-new and super amazing Rice Digital Friday Quiz

Reckon you know your stuff? Then prove it! The Rice Digital Friday Quiz, which may or may not become a regular feature according to how many people bother to do this and/or how much caffeine the Editor has imbibed each Friday, is your opportunity to test your knowledge of the stuff we’ve talked about here on Rice this week.

All of the answers are multiple choice — and all of the answers can be found in the articles we’ve published this week. We’ve snuck in a few sneaky links directly to the articles you need in the questions — but they’re hidden! Hover over the question text with the mouse or tap on words you think might be important — if you find a link, it’ll open in a new tab and keep your place.

Take on the challenge! Good luck!

The quiz begins!

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The Rice Digital Friday Quiz

Welcome to the inaugural Rice Digital Friday Quiz!

This is your opportunity to prove your knowledge of all the things we've talked about this week.

All answers can be found in the articles we've published in the last week.

Best of luck!

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1. What is the name of the middle-aged alcoholic member of the main cast in Tokyo Godfathers?

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2. What is the dreaded error code that Final Fantasy XIV players have been encountering this week alongside the launch of Endwalker?

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3. Who wrote the hentai manga Moe Maniax?

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4. What is the name of Forte's brother in Rune Factory 4?

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5. What's the name of the oni love interest in Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani?

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6. Who's doing the physical release of Clockwork Aquario?

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7. How do you know when you're blackmailing someone in the world of Netflix's Cowboy Bebop live-action adaptation?

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8. Who's the developer of Blooming Panic, Lilia's 9th best game of 2021?

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10. What feature does the GameSir T4 Mini lack compared to an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?

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