The super amazing Rice Digital Friday Quiz returns for a new round #2

Welcome back! Still reckon you’re top of the heap when it comes to all things Rice Digital, Japanese gaming and popular culture? Then prove it! The Rice Digital Friday Quiz is here for you to test your knowledge of what we’ve been talking about on Rice this week — and for you to catch up on some things you might have missed, too.

Last week, only three of you who challenged the quiz got all the answers right! No-one got a big fat zero, though. Can you do any better this time around?

Once again, all of the answers are multiple choice — and all of the answers can be found in the articles we’ve published this week. We’ve snuck in a few sneaky links directly to the articles you need in the questions — but they’re hidden! Hover over the question text with the mouse or tap on words you think might be important — if you find a link, it’ll open in a new tab and keep your place.

Take on the challenge! Good luck!

The quiz begins!

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The Rice Digital Friday Quiz #2

Welcome to the second Rice Digital Friday Quiz!

This is your opportunity to prove your knowledge of all the things we've talked about this week.

All answers can be found in the articles we've published in the last week.

Best of luck!

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1. What are the two plushies that come with the Gal*Gun Double Peace Ultimate Horny Trinity Edition?

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2. What's the name of the indie shoot 'em up that Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy was based on?

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3. What are the names of the twin sisters in Aliisha: The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses?

4 / 10

4. Which of these characters does not feature in the second beta for The King of Fighters XV?

The King of Fighters XV 2nd beta test

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5. Which of these Japanese classics is not part of the Technos Arcade 1 cartridge for Evercade?

6 / 10

6. Which game did both Trent and Lilia put on their Best Games of 2021 lists?

7 / 10

7. What's the rather on-the-nose name of Tadano's gender-ambiguous childhood friend in Komi Can't Communicate?

Look closely...

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8. What's the age gap between Okazaki and Yabe in the short manga story "Christmas Recipe", which became Gal Gohan?

9 / 10

9. Which of these is not an official colour that PS5 covers will be available in from January 2022?

PS5 official console covers

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10. What's the main new arc in Demon Slayer (after the Mugen Train adaptation) called?

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