Rice Digital Podcast: Bladestorm, Anime Dubs, Bad Husband Goku?!

Things went so well last time that we decided to do another podcast. This time things got a little bit angrier, from quizzing about which Final Fantasy ruined the series, on the spot demands for top 5 hottest anime guy lists, to even putting the main man Goku himself on blast for being a bad husband. Or is he? The debate unfurls in startling efficiency. Hunker down and take notes.




– How to begin a podcast?

– A busy office on a busy street

– Which Final Fantasy ruined the series?

– Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD — Vita / PS4

– Combat from Final Fantasy XI onwards

– Slow RPGs

– Pokemon and the Game Boy Color

– Was Luigi in Pokemon Silver?

– Ho-Oh in the Pokemon anime

– What was in the GS Ball?

– Was the Digimon anime superior?

– Dead or Alive 5 costumes: too sexy for tournament play?

– Soul Calibur’s bonus characters are awesome

– Favourite fighting games

– Is Parallel a Fake Warriors Boy?

– Controversy: Did we talk about Bladestorm: Nightmare last week?

– We talk about Bladestorm: Nightmare anyway

– Popcorn poison

– Can we get “sponsored by noodles”

– Rice vs. noodles

– Is Bladestorm: Nightmare a Warriors game? What does it mean to be a Warriors game?

– Possible Warriors crossovers

– Somebody stop PoshAlligator from talking about Hyrule Warriors

– PoshAlligator’s Amiibo problem

– Anime: good or bad? Morally.

– Rune Soldier

– Top 5 Most Attractive Anime Men

– Is Anime a genre?

– Is Anime in the Oxford English Dictionary? (it is)

– Magical Girl Madoka vs. “that one anime with the person who draws shoes”, Garden of Words

– Office plushies

– Should PoshAlligator buy a Monokuma cosplay hoodie?

– Top 5 Anime Bears

– Is Kingdom Hearts anime or Disney?

– All Disney Characters are now Anime

– Is Kingdom Hearts canon as part of the Winnie the Pooh books?

– Akiba’s Trip on the Vita

– Crank up the Vita

– Fast reading in video games

– Danganronpa

– Freedom Wars: why?

– Comparing things to other things

– LEGO games for some reason

– LEGO Japanese games? LEGO Final Fantasy VII?

– JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood

– Subs vs. dubs

– Can anyone watch an Anime twice?

– Funimation’s Broadcast Dubs

– Localisation of games and anime

– Latin Bible vs. Translated vs. Ace Attorney

– Assassination Classroom & Death Parade Broadcast Dubs

– Steins;Gate dub

– Subs vs. dubs continued, what’s your default, and why?

– Chaos;Head, still not watched

– PoshAlligator avoids answering what anime he last watched

– SniperKitty has seen every episode of Dragon Ball Z

– Dragon Ball Z loses you friends

– Dragon Ball GT is lame

– Dragon Ball Kai is interesting

– Bad husband Goku?!

– Trying to remember when Goku is dead

– Dragon Ball Xenoverse

– Dragon Ball Extreme Butoden

– Nothing comes out in Europe

– Sarcasm settings

– What are you looking forward to playing?

– PC local co-op controversy

– PC local co-op etiquette

– Club Nintendo closure: spend ‘dem coins

– Video games that are coming out soon

– Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Edition

– Atelier on PS4?


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