Rice Digital Podcast Warriors, Danganronpa, Lotsa’ Final Fantasy

Some people like to tell us we’re all talk. While that might not be true, we definitely do talk to some extent. We thought it only right, only necessary, only just, that we recorded just a fraction of that talk, and then hosted it publicly for all the world to see. You’re a part of this world, this whole new world, so if you like Japanese games or other otaku-esque things (you do) strap on in and give us a listen.




– Marriage in Final Fantasy XIV
– Rice and salt
– Are Chocobo fights legal?
– Which Final Fantasies are in which worlds?
– Why does Harrison hate things set in schools?
– Final Fantasy Type-0
– Final Fantasy XIII
– Final Fantasy XIII-2 vs Final Fantasy X-2
– Can sad songs be “pop”?
– Cowboy Bebop
– Attack on Titan
– Dragon Ball
– Chi Sweet Home
– Is Fruit Baskets related to the Zodiac Killer case?
– Is School of Rock based on Kids on the Slope?
– What’s the deal with Final Fantasy XI and monthly subscription MMOs?
– Is Mario Kart 8 better than every MMO?
– Does Harrison ever not play Final Fantasy XIV?
– Games that start with snow
– Final Fantasy VII spin-offs
– Final Fantasy Dissidia Racing?
– Is the New Nintendo 3DS XL for grown-ups only?
– Oscar’s Amiibo issue
– The plea for King Dedede
– Getting into Danganronpa
– 999 and its puzzle sections
– Is the Danganronpa anime good?
– Harrison’s coin collecting issue
– Persona 4: who really is the best girl?
– Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires vs The Order 1886
– Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires vs Samurai Warriors 4
– Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires vs Hyrule Warriors
– Oscar can’t stop playing Hyrule Warriors
– How do you pronounce “Skulltula”?
– Wind Waker HD and the Wii U line-up
– Will there be a Xenoblade Chronicles X bundle?
– 27/02/2015 Japanese game releases


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