Rice Digital Reader’s Choice Awards 2017 – Voting (Closed)

We’ll be having out own hand-picked end of year awards, but first we wanted to hear from you dear readers. We’ve picked out some key titles for different categories below, so take a look and make your voice heard! 2017 really was a great year for Japanese video games, wasn’t it?


Voting ends on 12th December at MIDNIGHT GMT! So, between the days of Tuesday and Wednesday — AKA, the Gaming Hour. Y’all get one vote per category, and cheating will be punished. For the Game of the Year category you can add any game! We tried to limit the amount of picks for each category to keep it relatively tight, but we got a bit carried away with some of the bigger ones. Oops!













































Thanks for voting! Stick around after the votes are tallied for the final, confirmed results. After that we’ll announce the winners in a new post and talk about them! Good luck!

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