Rice Recommends – 6 Amazon Kindle Unlimited Manga

These days it’s easier and easier to get your hands on a variety of great manga in English, and one of the easiest ways to do it is through Amazon. So, here’s a look at 6 Amazon Kindle Unlimited manga available at your fingertips right now for free! You can also try it free for 30 days through us here!



Battle Angel Alita Vol. 1

The inspiration for the recent live-action movie, Battle Angel Alita is a classic sci-fi hit! Combat cyborg Alita has lost her memory, and soon her very humanity is on the line as she becomes a vigilante hunter-killer in a lawless cyberpunk setting. Exciting! Get it here!


Attack on Titan Vol. 1

If you just can’t wait for the next season of the anime, then the Amazon Kindle Unlimited manga selection lets you get ahead with the full Attack on Titan manga! I doubt there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know about Attack on Titan by now, but, if you don’t, then you’re in for a thrill with this dark, intensely dramatic action-packed series! Get it here!


Fairy Tail Vol. 1

Dig into this long-running, popular shonen series from the creator of Rave Master! As well as the action-packed beginning of the series, this volume provides an interesting insight into the series being translated into English. Get it here!


Parasyte Vol. 1

A good dose of horror is always welcome and that’s where Parasyte comes in! High school student Shin has become the host for an alien parasite, and now he has to fight for control of his own body in this inriguing, gruesome series! It’s spine-tingling stuff! Get it here!


The Sacred Blacksmith Vol. 1

With plenty of exciting sword fights, some strong world-building and a lovely art style, The Sacred Blacksmith is an exciting fantasy foray where two opposites wind up embarking on a magical adventure together full of twists and turns. Get it here!


BECK Vol. 1

Sometimes you need a break from all the magic and fighting, and the iconic BECK is a perfect fit for a more laid-back, realistic read with rock ‘n’ roll at its core. It’s a feel-good series that’s bound to leave you wanting to pick up a guitar yourself. Get it here!


Whether you want to try something new or read the manga behind an anime you’ve watched, there’s a bit of everything here, and the first volumes of these Amazon Kindle Unlimited manga are all available for free, so why not give one a try? You just might find something you love!

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