Rinoa Heartilly Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VIII’s leading lady Rinoa Heartilly is the next character to join Dissidia Final Fantasy, and she isan addition who is sure to please many fans. She looks fantastic in full HD and will be voiced by wonderful Japanese voice-actress Kana Hawazawa.



You may recognise Kana’s voice from several anime and games including Mayuri from Steins;Gate and Kosaki from Nisekoi, and she’s one of the most prolific voice-actresses in Japan. She’s a great pick for Rinoa who uses her Blaster Edge to keep her opponents at bay, and she can use her limit break Angel Wings to cast magical spells. She isn’t alone either, as her dog Angelo jumps in to help her out with a few attacks of his own!



Rinoa Heartilly comes to Dissidia Final Fantasy late August, and she’s the third of six characters to release as part of the game’s season pass.

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