Rise of the Third Power launches next month

Dangen Entertainment has announced that Rise of the Third Power will launch for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on February 10, 2022.

Rise of the Third Power is a console style RPG that aims to combine aspects of Japanese and Western game design into one title. Its setting is loosely based on Europe during the late 1930’s, featuring eight protagonists as they attempt to stop the Arkadyan emperor and prevent a potential war.

The game features a battle system similar to developer Stegosoft Games’ previous RPG, Ara Fell, removing basic attacks and placing the focus on varied skills.

Equipment is also handled a little differently, having everything be a permanent upgrade rather than separate inventory items. Because of this, all equipment is worth getting (even stealing when possible), though it likely means that you wont find any gear with crazy abilities.

Some indie devs have a tendency to try and “fix” JRPGs, leading to games that don’t really understand what makes the genre enjoyable. Hopefully Rise of the Third Power manages to avoid this mistake — the release trailer at least shows some promising gameplay.

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