My Roommate Sonic is a bit weird and scary and erotic

My Roommate Sonic is basically a little game where you get to sit next to Sonic and feel him up, while Dr Robotnik gives you instructions over the phone and spies on you from a window over the road from your apartment. *deep breath* This is a bit like a dream I had once in 1997 after I’d inhaled too much horse tranquiliser…


…but that’s a story for another time.


I’m not sure what I find more arousing – the fact that Sonic is watching Hedgehog porn on the TV, that I get to tickle Sonic ‘for real’ or the fact that Robotnik is watching.



You can play it by going to Hedgehog Exposed and entering the password ‘grandpa’ – there are some other equally weird games in there too.


You should probably download and play them for yourself. Why not call your girlfriend/wife/mum/boyfriend/husband/dad over to your PC so they can all watch you play, marvel and celebrate in your diverse and eclectic taste in videogames.




I played this in front of my boss, and afterwards she asked if I wanted to have her last Chicken and Salad sandwich (Tesco’s Finest) – which has GOT to be a good sign, right?






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