Get ready for Root Film with this new trailer and 6 top tips to get started

Root Film, the successor to Kadokawa Games’ Root Letter, is out tomorrow, and in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty excited about it here at Rice Digital!

With just a day to go until release, we’ve got a brand new cinematic trailer to share with you to get you in the mood for some mystery-solving — as well as five top tips to get you started on your adventures in Shimane Prefecture!

Here’s the trailer, featuring music from idol group i☆Ris:

And now the tips!

Examine everything thoroughly

If you’re a fan of old-school adventure games, this won’t be a problem, but for those accustomed to more “hands-off” visual novels, Root Film requires you to interact a bit more directly with the game world at times.

Whenever you’re given the opportunity to select between different “hotspots” on the screen in Root Film, don’t be hesitant to check everything multiple times. Sometimes details only become clear after a second glance — and sometimes there are just some fun, pithy comments to be had… usually from Magari.

Root Film

Don’t be afraid to explore

You can zip straight through the critical path of Root Film’s narrative by simply going where the game tells you to go — but at numerous points throughout the narrative you’ll be given a choice of destinations to pick from on a local map.

It’s often well worth your time to visit the places that seemingly aren’t directly relevant to what you’re up to at any given moment, because you might have some chance encounters with new characters or uncover some unexpected clues. Similarly, if you’re trying to get into a location and can’t for one reason or another — the police are still all over it, for example — then pass the time by visiting some other areas and seeing what you can see.

Root Film

Film lets you “re-experience” the past

If you’re struggling to figure out what to do next in Root Film, it’s often a good idea to pop back to Yagumo’s studio and see if you can pull any information out of the footage the team has shot; remember, Kanade is filming a lot of the things they’re getting up to.

By carefully looking at the film — and making good use of Magari’s editing skills — you might be able to pick out bits of information that you previously missed. Alternatively, it might help Yagumo and company finally notice something you thought was glaringly obvious in the moment. Cut ’em some slack; they’re dealing with stressful situations!

Present the evidence that makes sense

During the “Max Mode” interrogations in Root Film, you’ll be given a choice of the phrases that protagonist Yagumo has memorised using his Synaesthesia ability.

On a number of occasions, the options available to you will all be facts that you know are true — but only one of them will be relevant to what the witness you’re interrogating has just said. Choose wisely, considering carefully whether the thing you’re thinking about saying makes logical sense to bring up at that point in the conversation. If it doesn’t, it might become relevant later.

Root Film

Learn your local history

If you’re exploring Shimane thoroughly during your adventure, chances are you’ll come into contact with the “Mystery Man”, who will rather mysteriously decide to quiz you on you knowledge of Shimane while completely ignoring anything Yagumo and friends have to say.

Everything he asks you is based on real-life facts, so if you’re struggling to figure out the correct answer, get online and do a bit of research — you’ll learn a lot! Alternatively, you can save your game whenever he shows up and just reload if you give the wrong answer, but where’s the fun in that?

Root Film

Respect Magari

She’s good to you, she is. Former delinquent or no, she’s deserving of your respect. Listen to what she has to say, since she often has some really good ideas.

Also she’s super-cute, and why would you want to make someone that cute mad at you?

Root Film

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