Root Letter’s Fourth Trailer Teases More Mystery

Kadokawa Games continues to tease us with trailers for their upcoming mystery visual novel, Root Letter. Players will be tasked with solving the mystery of Fumino Aya, a high school student that disappeared 15 years ago.


Fumino Aya’s seven friends are mysteriously linked with her disappearance. Her letter mysteriously resurfaces after 15 years. And what about Aya’s letter? It could be that not everything that was written here can be trusted. Could someone be trying to hide the truth? The trailer raises so many questions and leaves us intrigued, yearning for more.



Like always, don’t forget to turn on the captions so you can watch the trailer in English.


Root Letter releases on June 16th in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Vita, while the date for western release is still unknown. We just hope it won’t take 15 years.



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