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Struggling to uncover the mysteries of Shimane prefecture? Still not sure what the deal is with your mysterious penpal? Fear not, for our Root Letter guide is here to help.

Root Letter was originally released in 2016, then updated in 2019 with its enhanced Last Answer version. With the upcoming release of Root Film, we thought some of you might be revisiting the first game — so here’s a Root Letter guide to help you through! And don’t forget to preorder your copy of Root Film from us!

Root Letter’s endings are entirely dependent on the two “P.S.” notes you add to your letters to Aya in each chapter. Note that not all endings are available on your first playthrough — some will unlock after your first clear of the game.

Due to the game structure of the original Root Letter, you’ll need to play Chapter 8 in its entirety on each run, but all other chapters can be safely skipped using your smartphone after you’ve seen them once. In Last Answer you can skip Chapter 8. Chapters 9 and 10 are different according to which route you’ve ended up on.

When following our Root Letter guide, note that Cursed Letter and Princess of Himegamori Forest are regarded as “bad” endings, Crossing Paths is the “normal” ending, and Bonds of Marriage is the “true” ending, so it’s worth saving that for last.

Root Letter guide

Cursed Letter

This will likely be the first ending you get, so follow our Root Letter guide below to inform your responses to Aya’s letters in each chapter.

  • Chapter 1: Reading / Do you like to read?
  • Chapter 2: I think I’d like to explore old ruins / Are there any spooky stories about Shimane?
  • Chapter 3: I don’t want to become an adult / Do you want to become an adult soon?
  • Chapter 4: Girls seem self-centred / What do you think of your personality?
  • Chapter 5: Nature / Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Chapter 6: Long, black hair is beautiful / Do you like black hair?
  • Chapter 7: Right now I enjoy doing stuff with friends / Where do you go to hang out with your friends?

The Princess of Himegamori Forest

Follow our Root Letter guide to give the correct answers to Aya’s letter in each chapter and you’ll end up on this route.

  • Chapter 1: Walking aorund the shrine / Do you like folklore?
  • Chapter 2: I think I’ll research history / Were there any famous warriors from Shimane?
  • Chapter 3: I don’t want to have ideals / What do you think of selfish people?
  • Chapter 4: I like girls / What do you think of men from history?
  • Chapter 5: Ancestors / What kinds of times do you enjoy?
  • Chapter 6: Mysterious and beautiful people / Are you interested in studying folklore?
  • Chapter 7: Right now I’m concentrating on studying / How do you study history?

A Government Plot

Probably the strangest of all the routes; follow our Root Letter guide and choose the correct answers to Aya’s letter in each chapter to find yourself on this route.

  • Chapter 1: Go for a walk / Do you believe in aliens?
  • Chapter 2: I think I’d like to see a meteor shower / Is there a good view of the stars in Shimane?
  • Chapter 3: My ideal adult is rich / Do you like rich people?
  • Chapter 4: I don’t care about gender or nationality / Do you like aliens?
  • Chapter 5: Money / Are you interested in making money?
  • Chapter 6: Girls with nice figures / Please tell me your measurements
  • Chapter 7: I can’t focus by myself / Where do people go on dates in Matsue?
Root Letter guide

Crossing Paths

The game’s “normal” ending; follow our Root Letter guide to figure out the correct responses to Aya in each chapter and you’ll end up on this route by chapter 9.

  • Chapter 1: Go play / Do you like sports?
  • Chapter 2: I think I’d like to participate in a school function / What kinds of events are popular in Shimane?
  • Chapter 3: My ideal adult is someone who has dreams / What kind of adult do you want to become?
  • Chapter 4: Friendship between men and women is wonderful / Do you think men and women can be friends?
  • Chapter 5: Kindness / Tell me about your personality
  • Chapter 6: People who are fun / What kind of people do you like?
  • Chapter 7: There is someone on my mind / Aya, is there someone you like?

Bonds of Marriage

The “true” ending, best saved for last. You also can’t get this ending in your first playthrough, so follow our Root Letter guide to one of the other endings first, then use these responses to Aya at the start of each chapter to find your way to the truth.

  • Chapter 1: Go on a day trip / Do you like traveling?
  • Chapter 2: I think I’d like to take on different challenges / Is there some challenges you’d like to take on?
  • Chapter 3: My ideal adult is my dad / Aya, what’s your ideal adult?
  • Chapter 4: Men and women can be friends / Is there someone you’ve let into your heart?
  • Chapter 5: Encounters / Have you had any special encounters?
  • Chapter 6: People with complementary personalities / Do you believe in destiny?
  • Chapter 7: I have feelings for you, Aya / I want to know more about you, I guess.
Root Letter guide

Last Answer Arcs

In Root Letter Last Answer, once you’ve seen all the endings, you’ll unlock the Answer Arcs. These are epilogues that extend each ending, and can be found in the “Extra” section of the main menu. Three will be available to begin with, and a fourth will unlock after you’ve completed the first three.

Rather than choosing responses to a letter, the Answer Arcs require you to pick the correct response in “Max Mode” to progress.

Follow our Root Letter guide to safely make it to the end of each of the Answer Arcs and figure out the truth… maybe?

The Cursed Letter Answer Arc

  • I’m… I’m not Max!
  • That’s… me!
  • You’re… Aya Fumino!

The Princess of Himegamori Forest Answer Arc

  • We’re talking about Four-Eyes here. He must have left behind some sort of clue.
  • I’m the only one who can do this! Haaaaah!
  • Why are you struggling? Open your eyes already!
  • It’s not too late! You can still fix things!

A Government Plot Answer Arc

  • G… Gear…
  • Aya… how can you be alive?!
  • I’ll use the life you saved to help Shiori.
  • Special Attack! Zanne Acute!
  • Here we go, G Gear! Max MOOOOOOODE!

Bonds of Marriage Sequel Arc

  • I’m begging you. Help me propose!
  • You work at a bar, you must know of a get-rich quick scheme or two!
  • I’m Max! Max who makes the impossible possible!

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