Root Letter’s Third Trailer Focuses on Gameplay

The third trailer for Root Letter has been posted on the official Kadokawa Games YouTube channel and we can’t be more excited. Root Letter is a mystery visual novel set to release on 16th June in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Vita.



The video gives quite a deep look at the game’s various systems. The story focuses on the investigation of a missing high school student called Fumino Aya. There will be an important aspect of the game where you will be reading Aya and her classmates correspondence and even choose which answers to send to her. Depending on the chosen response the players will be able to change the relationship with Aya and presumably even the course of the story.



Players will be able to explore Shimane prefecture’s gorgeous backdrops while performing an investigation. Even weather and time matters when it comes to some events and characters in the game, and as the story progresses you will be able to unlock more of these picturesque locations. But that is not all, as in Ace Attorney or Danganronpa fashion you will be able to present evidence and interrogate Aya’s classmates. And in the same manner, you will also get to watch as these characters get completely devastated after you unveil their dirty little secrets.



Previously we’ve talked about the Premium edition of the game. But now, Kadokawa Games announced that the first print of the game will also get an alternate cover, which features a stunning artwork by Taro Minoboshi as seen above.


We hope that the date for western release will be announced soon. For now, enjoy the video and don’t forget to turn on the English subs!

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