Rumors to Kojima’s Next Big Project?

There’s been a lot of talk around Kojima and his next move. What is he actually making at this time at his new studio where he is free to make whatever he wants? Aside from a lot of speculation, what we can do is just follow the trail of clues that others around him have laid out.



Geoff Keighley, the popular video game journalist and Hideo Kojima’s personal friend, has made a lot of posts on his twitter talking about Kojima and his upcoming project. He was apparently blown away by what he saw or heard from Kojima. And of course, he talks about how Kojima’s project will be his most ambitious project ever, nothing short of what we expected. But he also highlights that Kojima is going to push the medium forward. Could he be making a VR game, or even something entirely different but also very novel?



Next up Kojima-san received the D.I.C.E Hall of Fame Award, as delivered by Guillermo del Toro, the famous film director and Kojima’s friend. In his acceptance speech Kojima said that when he was a child he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a safari ranger or LAPD officer. Although he gave up on these dreams, video games have provided him with a way to experience these dreams: going to space, protecting wildlife and investigating cases. We can certainly remember games with space and investigation at their core (Policenauts), but on what game did Kojima work on that included protecting the wild life? Maybe this could be a clue to his next big project.


And lastly he was seen visiting Respawn studios, the creators of TitanFall.



So maybe prepare for some awesome mech action? Since his Zone of the Enders series we haven’t seen anything like it, so we could only hope.


All in all, I think that Kojima is certainly going to give us a game that will feature mechs. Other than that there is the possibility of it having the theme of protecting wildlife which he didn’t explore in his previous works. This could be an open world game where you are an officer and investigator and is searching for a clues to a major scheme which involves endangered species. The game could have an anime style visuals with anime cutscenes. With the success of the video game there would be anime in production and with it all kinds of merchandise.


This is my line of thoughts for Kojima’s next big project. But you could be expecting something entirely different. Feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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