Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition – Voting Begins!

We’ve teamed up with Marvelous Games to bring you another awesome food-related gaming competition! We’ve had some really great entries in our Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg competiton, so we’re wiping our brow with broccoli, thankful for the fact that we don’t have to choose a winner. No — it’s up to you to decide who wins. You and the other “you”s out there, as in “the community”.


All of the entries are now hosted in a Facebook album on our Facebook page right here!


all-Rune Factory 4 Monster


The three entries with the most “likes” by the time voting ends on Monday at 11am will all win a download code for Rune Factory 4 in the Nintendo eShop, courtesy of our good friends at Marvelous Games. In addition the overall winner will receive a bonus £15 voucher for the eShop.


So make sure your favourites get some love!


Good luck everyone!



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