Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition – Winners!

It was a long and difficult road to decide the winners of our Rune Factory 4 Monster Veg Competition, and thankfully we didn’t have to walk it alone. The community voted on their favourite monsters made out of vegetables and now we have our results! Both we and Marvelous Games have been very excited with the high bar of quality for entrants. But there could only be three winners! Without further ado:


3. Amber

rafflesia-amber-fb-Rune Factory 4 Monster

2. ReaChwan

potato-duck-ReaChwan-twitter-Rune Factory 4 Monster

1. Harriet Bray

wooly-cauliflower-harriet-bray-fb-Rune Factory 4 Monster

All three of these wonderful winners will receive a free code to redeem Rune Factory 4 from the Nintendo 3DS eShop, provided by Marvelous Games. On top of this Marvelous Games have also provided the overall winner, Harriet, a £15 eShop code.


The Facebook album with everyone’s entries is still viewable here on the Rice Digital Facebook page.


Well done to our winners and, of course, to everyone who entered! Make sure to stick around for more competitions like this in the future!



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