The Sacred Tears TRUE Hits the Store

Dedicated Rice readers (Ricers?) will know that we’ve only recently opened up our doors as a physical store. Well, a digital physical store. I mean, we sell physical, tangible goods now. Online. Before we used to just have a fantastic blog and sell digital download games. And you’d better not think we’ve stopped doing either of those last two things!


We’re pleased to say we’re now listing The Sacred Tears TRUE as a digital download for the fantastic price of only £6.99, which is an absolute steal for such a lovely game. That’s one of the great kickbacks of supporting lovely indie games like this.




The Sacred Tears TRUE is an indie JRPG with a really cool and interesting card battle system. While the card battling may seem simple at first, it’s one of those systems that actually has a lot of depth to it. It’s really super interesting, and is definitely something you should check out. It really sets it apart from the rest.


One of the coolest things about The Sacred Tears TRUE is actually a lot simpler, though. It’s the chapter system that breaks the game up into easy 5-30 minute chunks of gameplay. If you’re anything like us you’ve definitely felt the soul-crushing pull of a potentially endless JRPG while wandering seemingly endless dungeon after dungeon, gasping desperately for a save point. Those kinds of games can be simply unmanageable for some of us, so a chapter system like this is deeply appreciated, and makes it a lot of fun to play through.




And don’t get us started on Takashi KONNO’s fantastic character artwork, and Hiroyuki Ojima and Shimotsuki Haruka’s wonderful original soundtrack! They really wrap the game up into a lovely package that is a delight to play. We stock an instantly downloadable completely DRM free version if you’re interested, and really, why wouldn’t you be?



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