Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul Coming Autumn 2015

Saint Seiya is probably one of the longest running manga series in Japan, but it’s only recently that it’s started to gain some traction in the west. Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold just started airing last weekend, and with it came an announcement for Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul! It will release in Autumn on PS3, PS4, and Steam on PC.




Check out the annoucement trailer:



Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers for PS3 in 2013 was the first major Saint Seiya video game release in the west, and this looks like it will be a really good follow-up. Anime-style games on 8th Gen consoles are really being stepped up, and this looks like it could be one of the major games in that whole “next-gen” movement for anime games.




It’s being developed by Dimps, who of course did a great job on Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which was very well received. As such, I have high hopes for this!





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