Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul Trailer – The God Cloths

Bandai Namco have unveiled a brand new Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul trailer that shows off some of the God Cloths that will be in the game, as well as plenty of Gold Saints and information about the gameplay modes and new story additions! Check it out below!



This will be the first time in a Saint Seiya video game that the five Bronze Saints will be able to don their God Cloths, and truly match up to, and even surpass, the power of the Gold Saints.


In addition to the God Cloths, Saint Seiya Soldier’s Soul will also feature a Battle of Gold mode that will allow players to experience “new episodes through the eyes of the Gold Saints”, adding some variation to the classic story we’re all familiar with.




Between the God Cloths and Battle of Gold it looks like there will be plenty of new additions to keep fans satisfied, and give them the ultimate Saint Seiya video game. The gameplay looks as smooth and fluid as ever, too – I can’t wait to get hands on with it!




Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul is still due out September 25th on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and will release slightly later on Steam.

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