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Sakura Wars released today on the PlayStation 4! I am here to give you some Sakura Wars tips and tricks that will be useful in the adventure that Seijuro Kamiyama will experience with the Imperial Combat Revue! Of course these are spoiler-free as possible!

How to get High Ranks in Sakura Wars

sakura wars tips

You will be graded on your performance during the various combat missions that take place throughout the game (these are replayable through the Battle Bot). Your ranking will be decided on how fast you clear a stage, how many enemies you defeat, how much damage you have dealt, how much morale you have built up during the mission and finally, how many times you had to use reinforcements. So you have to go through the stage fast and destroy as many enemies as possible while dealing a lot of damage. Morale can be increased by performing Perfect Dodges, taking down an enemy together with your teammates and other various actions in combat. However, there is a way to build up Morale outside of combat and that leads into my next tip!

Build up Trust with your team-mates!

Since Sakura Wars is a Dating Sim/Visual Novel & Action game hybrid you have to make various choices in main events and Side-events in the story. By picking the right one you build up trust with the various characters you interact which will affect a lot of things especially related to the five main heroines of the game. By building up a lot of trust with them you can get into intimate tête-à-tête events where you can learn more about them and look around their room as well as have a higher amount of morale during the start of the combat mission of the chapter.  These choices are on a timer thanks to the LIPS-System which will give you a limited amount of time to make your choices. If you make the correct choice you will hear a sound cue signalling that you built up a bit of trust with them. In addition to that, you will also be able to build up trust with them through clearing missions from the Battle Bot which allows you to replay already played missions with a certain character you want to build up trust with.

Take your time to explore the Imperial Theater and the various streets of Ginza

The Dating Sim/Visual Novel part of Sakura Wars also allows you to roam freely through the Imperial Theater and the streets of Ginza where you can check out the various locations and look around for shiny things which can be either clues or various Bromides (commercial photographic portraits of musicians, actors, actresses and various other famous people in Japanese culture) of characters from the game and previous entries in the Sakura Wars series. You can also buy some of the Bromides from the shop in the Imperial Theater, though that’s just one at a time, you can also earn Bromides from various conditions the Battle Bot gives you. 

There will also be various Main and Side-events that you can do. Some of which can be timed events so you have to clear those in the time limit allotted.

Unlocking characters for the Koi-Koi Wars Mini-game

While the mini-game unlocks automatically as you go through the story you can only initially play it with Sakura and Azami who gets unlocked a bit later. You can unlock the rest of the cast to play Koi-Koi Wars with after you clear the main game with the points you earn by winning games of Koi-Koi Wars. 

Sakura Wars Romance Options

Since the game is a Dating Sim Visual Novel Action game hybrid you have 5 different endings depending on which girl you pick at a certain point in the game. So let me introduce them to you so you can pick whichever one to be your best girl.

Sakura Amamiya (Voiced by Ayane Sakura)

The lead female protagonist of the game and novice stage performer who joined the Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division to follow in the footsteps of her idol, onetime mega-star Sakura Shinguji who protected her from a demon attack in the past. She believes strongly in the importance of both sides of the organisation: the combat unit that defends Tokyo and its dramatic counterpart, the Imperial Revue, that lifts the spirits of the populace. Sakura fervently prays that both will eventually be restored to their former glory.

She uses a Katana during combat with the invading demon forces.

Hatsuho Shinonome (Voiced by Maaya Uchida)

A shrine maiden whose beauty draws visitors to her family’s historic Shinonome Shrine. Born in the working-class neighbourhoods of central Tokyo, she’s a true child of the city who loves her people, her festivals, and everyone in the capital. Despite her brash exterior, she’s a dependable comrade who serves as a mediator for disputes within the Flower Division.

She uses a Hammer as a weapon to fight off the invading demon forces 

Azami Mochizuki (Voiced by Hibiku Yamamura)

A descendant of the Mochizuki clan of ninja, she displayed a tremendous aptitude for martial arts, battle tactics, and weapon-handling from a very early age. Thanks to the strict training she has undergone her entire life, she believes unquestioningly in the 108 Village Rules passed down by her clan, striving to obey them at all times.

She is equipped with Kunai when fighting against the demons with her martial arts.

Anastasia Palma (Voiced by Ayaka Fukuhara) 

A star of the European stage who hails from Greece. She was recently transferred to the Tokyo revue after spending time in various revues around the globe. A world-class singer and actor, she has the charisma and confidence to play everything from the male lead to the bewitching temptress.

She fights off the demon forces equipped with a gun. 

Clarissa “Claris” Snowflake (Voiced by Saori Hayami)

A sweet, intellectual girl from Luxembourg who always has her nose in a book. Her ferocious curiosity about the world drives her to read every day and learn about all kinds of topics. Her full name is “Clarissa Snowflake”, and as a member of the noble Snowflake family of Luxembourg, she has inherited the magical book-based power of libromancy.

Like the above stated Claris fights with Magic spells from her book. I will admit that Claris is my best girl by far but of course, I advise you all to pick the girl you think is the best personally. 

And of course. Last but not least…

Have Fun!

This is the most important thing you can have when playing a game. Having fun going through the story and building a relationship between the protagonist and the various other characters!

Are you enjoying the game so far? Let us know and feel free to join the official Rice Discord Server to talk about this game and various other topics, There are even quality memes and some exclusive giveaways there!

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