Save Koalas By Buying Nippon Marathon This Week

 Save Koalas By Buying Nippon Marathon This Week

In response to the horrific wildfires happening over in Australia at the moment, Onion Soup Interactive have announced that all profits from sales of Nippon Marathon on Steam this week will be donated to help any wildlife affected by the fires devastating the country at the moment.


Nippon Marathon charity


Onion Soup Interactive stated that it “hopes this will provide vital support for the wildlife charities and responders bravely risking their lives to keep Australia’s wildlife safe from the bushfires.” The profits will be donated to NSW WILDLIFE INFORMATION RESCUE AND EDUCATION SERVICE (WIRES) specifically, who focus on rehabilitating and preserving Australian wildlife.


If you want to purchase the game and donate between 7th – 14th Jan, you can buy it on Steam here.

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