Scarlet Nexus 2nd DLC pack, update 1.05 out now

More content for Scarlet Nexus has been released in the form of the “Bond Enhancement Pack 2” DLC, along with a free update.

Bond Enhancement Pack 2 adds 10 more bond episodes for the main cast, which in turn unlocks the “Nexus Drive” feature. This can increase SAS abilities even further than in the base game, improving their attack range and SAS gauge recovery.

The DLC also includes new costumes and weapons under the “Youth Attire” set, which can be seen in action during the release trailer.

Furthermore, all Scarlet Nexus owners will be able to access the Vision Simulator, a mode that allows you to rematch bosses and take on harder challenge missions. Extra enemy types are included in this mode, and scoring well during the missions will unlock more costumes for the main cast.

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