Second Akiba’s Beat English Trailer Released

A second English trailer for Akiba’s Beat has been released, giving us a more in-depth look at the story, characters, and gameplay! Magic, maids, and mysterious dungeons galore! Have a look for yourself below:

It’s nice to see a full run-down of the main characters with both footage of their different play styles and snippets of their dialogue. In particular, this trailer shows off the really cool Imagine Field battle mechanic, a special in-battle mode where you can rack up huge amounts of extra damage based on how you fight.


Reiji Shinomiya

The Imagine Field is unique to each character, with different field designs and an image song sung by their voice actor! These songs are actually key to how fighting in the Imagine Field works. Purely based on the song though, I think Reiji Shinomiya’s ‘White Lie’ sounds the best from what we can hear so far.


Akiba’s Beat comes out on December 15th in Japan for the PS4, and is due for early 2017 release in North America, on both PS4 and PS Vita.

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