Sega celebrates 60th anniversary with free games, including Yakuza x Streets of Rage

2020 marked Sega‘s 60th anniversary, and the company is going all out with their celebration of this milestone. Over the next few days, they’ll be giving out 4 free games based on many of their popular IPs.

All of these games will only be available for a couple of days each, and can be found on the Sega 60th anniversary Steam page.

Here’s a quick list of the games that are being given away via Sega:

  • Armor of HeroesRelic Entertainment – A retro-inspired multiplayer tank romp for up to four players in versus combat and couch co-op. Available from 15-19 October.
  • Endless ZoneAmplitude Studios – The Endless universe and Fantasy Zone™ collide in this side-scrolling shoot ‘em up. Available from 16-19 October.
  • Streets of KamurochoSEGA – Kiryu and Majima from SEGA’s critically acclaimed Yakuza series are raging on the Streets of Kamurocho in a new, but familiar challenge. Available from 17-19 October.
  • Golden AxedSEGA – A build of a never-before-seen glimpse at a canned project called Golden Axe: Reborn.  Available from 18-19 October. So, just one day.

The most interesting of these two are easily Streets of Kamurocho and Golden Axed, though for completely different reasons.

On the one hand, Streets of Kamurocho is a fun mash-up of Yakuza and Streets of Rage developed by Empty Clip Studios, a developer who has worked on multiple other retro spin-off games including A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV.

On the other, Golden Axed is a prototype for a cancelled Golden Axe game, given a joke name and stripped of all credits to the original dev team. According to one member of the project, Tim Dawson, it was his “personal nexus of nightmare hours, inept management, industry realisations and heroics achieved with a small team under unreasonable conditions”.

Golden Axed is an unfortunate inclusion in what was meant to be a celebration of Sega’s history, rather than a reminder of the less glamorous side of the company, and game development in general.

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