Sega Teaming up with IDW to Bring a New Sonic Comic

After last week’s announcement that the 24-year long Sonic the Hedgehog comic is finally over, fans were left disappointed. However, the split between Archie Comics and Sega thankfully doesn’t spell the last of our speedy blue mascot.



Sega will be partnering up with IDW Publishing to bring a new series of comics in 2018. Sega tweeted the following:



“We’ve been speaking with beloved Sonic fan-favorite creators and new creators alike, and are excited to be able to spread specifics about our plans for the comic in the near future,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer.


“We are ecstatic about this partnership with IDW,” added Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Brand Officer for Sonic the Hedgehog. “We know they’ll serve as a good home for the new adventures of Sonic, his friends, and foes.”


IDW Publishing has brought a plethora of comic adaptations including: Silent Hill, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls, Star Trek, The X-Files and Ghostbusters. So we can expect Sonic to be in good hands.


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