Sega reveals mobile Sakura Wars spinoff Sakura Revolution

 Sega reveals mobile Sakura Wars spinoff Sakura Revolution

After teasing Project B.L.A.C.K. last week, Sega and Fate/Grand Order developer Delightworks have shown off the next entry in the Sakura Wars series. Sakura Revolution (Sakura Kakumei) is a spinoff title for Android and iOS that takes place many years after the mainline games.

A 20 minute anime short by animation studio CloverWorks gives us a look at Sakura Revolution’s setting and characters, showing off its new heroine Sakura Shino as well. The mechas Sakura Wars is known for have been replaced with something akin to mecha-themed armour, and the more modern environments give this spinoff a different feel to the previous games.

Sakura Revolution is currently only planned for release this year in Japan, though Sega aren’t against bringing their mobile games to the West, having already brought over Fist of the North Star and Shin Megami Tensei Liberation D×2.

If you’re after a closer look the game (and can read Japanese), head on over to the official website.

Isaac Todd
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