Senran Kagura Coming to Europe, Retail Confirmed

Senran Kagura: Burst will be getting released in Europe, it has been confirmed this morning. Additionally, the game will be sold at retail, unlike the American release which was digital only. Senran Kagura is a ninja themed beat ’em up produced by Marvelous AQL, who you might know from Rune Factory and Harvest Moon.


Earlier this week we reported upon the game’s confirmed American release, and Zen United have confirmed that they will be handling distribution for a release in Q1 2014. Set at a Japanese high school, Senran Kagura follows a number of female students who are secretly being trained in Ninjutsu. The game is lighthearted, with producer Kenichiro Takakaki being a huge fan of the ‘moe’ art style. Takaki, who worked on Ikkitousen series of fighting games, has been quoted as saying he came up with the idea for the series after realising that the number one thing people wanted to see in 3d were breasts (the next items on the list being unicorns and Russian dashcam footage).



While this is a problem I thought was solved by real girls, the game is being produced by Marvelous AQL, who are responsible for the excellent Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series. Additionally, the game has been well received critically and commercially in Japan, leading to an anime and derivative merchandise being released in response to the game’s success.


A Facebook community for the fans of the game and the series has been set up, which you can join here.

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